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Do Your Homework!

March 18, 2014
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We’ve taken some time off during school term to go visit my family interstate. Because the girls are missing school we’ve agreed that in addition to reading daily (no hardship), they need to fill in a daily diary. This has proved problematic. I envisioned doing their diaries first thing each morning after breakfast, while the […]

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Professor Dumbledore Says…

May 29, 2011

No children on the slide! It is for dolls only. Sadly Heidi wasn’t paying attention and the slide rather suffered for her attempt to slide down it. The cute little bead people are a gift from Mel at sugarlemon, for Annie’s birthday last year. I might have to pull the useful box out and see […]

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The empty box problem

May 23, 2011

We are running late for school, I spy husbands box of apple and cinnamon muffin bars. Perfect for a quick breakfast I think. Except the box is empty. Middle of the night Heidi climbs into my bed crying, her finger hurts. She must have a bandaid. Right. Now. We stumble through the darkness to our […]

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Things I Know

April 22, 2011

I’m joining in with Shae at Yay for Home and the weekly ‘Things I Know’ link up Things I know…. 1. I bake when stressed: 2. White leggings are a good reason to buy bleach in bulk: 3. It sure gets your heart racing to waking up and see your 6yo climbing a ladder to […]

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I want to have an awesome post

April 19, 2011

Something that grabs at the heart strings, or is so profound that people will read it and nod at my awesome wisdom. Instead my brain is still a mental blank.  I’m tired, I can’t think straight.  Words float past but don’t connect. My husband and I have a thing we say, ‘Sentences will form words […]

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Sunday Selections

April 17, 2011

I’m joining in with Sunday Selections for the first time Mummy put Rachael the Koala in the washing machine: From April 2011 Oddly that picture makes me happy, this is what used to happen when we washed Blankie, in the 3 years since then things have gotten better, now there is tears, but they are […]

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Things I Know

April 16, 2011

My first time joining in with Shae at Yay for Home and the weekly ‘Things I Know’ link up Things I know…. 1. Slippers with long ribbons get caught in doors…. often: From April 2011 2. If I defrost the freezer, I will have enthusiastic helpers: From April 2011 3. and there will be a […]

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Autism is Awesome

April 3, 2011

World Autism Awareness Day has come and gone with nary a post from me on the subject. I feel guilty, I should have said something, this whole blog seems to now be about Autism, although not so much raising awareness of Autism as spreading understanding and acceptance of Autism. Why didn’t I? Well life got […]

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Teaching children to reduce, re-use and recycle

March 24, 2011

For Annie’s 5th birthday party she asked her friends to donate old towels and blankets in lieu of gifts, I was thrilled when she chose to do this again for her 6th and 7th birthday parties. On each occasion instead of a getting lots of toys adding to the clutter in our house, Annie received […]

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Bus Desensitisation Program

March 22, 2011

Doesn’t that sound all official and formal like “Bus Desensitisation Program”, mostly it is ‘lets get Heidi on the bus without a screaming meltdown’ kind of situation. Recently my car was at the mechanics and for a couple of days I spent a lot of time walking around and / or catching buses… as did […]

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