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The best of my Autism posts, I’ve divided them into categories a little:


Diagnosis Process

Letter to family about how they can help after Heidi was newly diagnosed

Friday the 13th; Your Daughter is Autistic

Getting Help

Play Based Autism Assessment aka The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)

The lighter side of early intervention 

Adult Autism Assessment Why Do It? 


All things Sensory

Heidi’s sensory diet at 3yo

You Take Dat Skin Away

Going out and about with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

Heidi! Where is your chewy tube?

Mama can I please please please have an icy pole? 

Bus Desensitisation program 

Fussy eaters, my solution

Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder & Going to the Movies 

Stockings Vs Tracksuits More Than an Issue of Fashion

Intensive OT 

 Winter Carrot Soup – A Fussy Eater Break Through! 


Education and School

Letter to 3yo Kindergarten teacher explaining autistic childs needs

Sometimes Mummy has to trust

Homework Woes 

Trust Pays Off 


Speech and Language

First time Heidi said ‘I love you Mummy’

Describing Words

Autism in our bathroom

Expedit Toy Storage and Christmas Countdown Calendar using Boardmaker

Autism – What we think Vs What we say

Caution – Slippery When Wet 

Behaviour is Communication



Autism in our Everyday

Series of posts about Moving House with autistic kids

We Play – series of posts exploring and celebrating play, something children on the autism spectrum can find challenging

Separation Anxiety Solutions for the Car 

Separation Anxiety Solutions for the Toilet

Calm comfortable mother most important determinant of outcome 

Sometimes things change 

Christmas with Autism

Travelling with Autism

A change in our routine 

Running from the Police 

Harry Potter is Extinct

The little blue ipod that could 

Aspergers, anxiety and emotions 

Rigidity, Routine and Aspergers

Spot the Differences

Birthday Parties are Hard 

Autism doesn’t end when you turn 7! PSA from Annie 

Chews and Sox 

Thankful for Chores 

How to put Shoes on

Hungry is Bad

A Question of Carrots 

Why is passing the goal? An Autism Question 



Hitting bottom – on Autism parenting and tough times. 

Amazing Melatonin

So that pediatrician appointment yesterday

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