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Sometimes people have Autism
and that is okay.
Sometimes people are different
and that is okay.

I am Marita and this is my blog.

I am a mother of two amazing girls, Annie and Heidi.

I am a wife to wonderful man called Ralph.

I am myself, diagnosed with Crohns disease in my late teens, interested in cross stitch, sci-fi and fantasy.

This blog started out as a cross stitch blog but has evolved over the years to cover most aspects of life in my home.

In May 2007 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.

Much has changed since that day, Heidi has shown us a different way to look at the world and that started to be reflected in my blog.

A diagnosis of Autism, the label given to my child has not been the end of the world, we have used it to open doors to places we otherwise would not have known existed. Yes some days it is hard but it is also amazing.

In July 2009 my older daughter Annie was diagnosed with Aspergers and tested as Gifted which I’m sure will lead us on an equally interesting journey.

Please stop by and leave a comment, I love hearing from you.

I do publish the occasional sponsored post. These will be headed by a disclaimer letting my readers know the post is sponsored.

Thank you to Sharon from Riot Photography for the brilliant family photo.

48 Responses to "About Me"

Love your blog. It gave me a good laugh.(especially the toilet post) Great to see the lighter side of parenting and ASD. I have a 9 year old daughter who has Autism.

Came here via Nikki, haven’t yet read any of the posts. I like your comments on others blogs.

River, thankyou for visiting and the lovely compliment. cheers Marita

Thanks so much for publishing your social stories. I am going to use those with my children who are painfully shy.

Mark – Thank you for visiting. I hope the Social Stories are as successful for your family as they are for ours. Cheers Marita

I am not sure if you read my blog but if you do please accept my apologies for getting you mixed up with Staci the other day.

Hugs Helen

I have two young boys (soon to be 3 & 1), and the XO (their mum) is struggling to come to terms with their daily demands and the changes that their growing older brings. My hat off to you and yours… I’ll be visiting more often, because it’s good to learn new things from different challenges!

I’ve worked quite extensively with young people from Kindy through to year 12 – although I’ve never been a part of an autistic child’s experiences. It’s good to hear of your experiences… thank you! 馃槈

I was intrigued by the link I found on Kelley’s Christmas Crazy post because I have a review blog called Things and Stuff. Funny. I have three sons. The middle one was diagnosed with PDD-NOS last February. I’ll be sure to check back here!

What a great blog.
I am also a cross-stitch tragic and garden nutter.
…and I’m learning so much about living with children who have autism from reading blogs like yours.

YOU are a BLESSING to me!!! I’ve been looking for a blog about SPD for so long. I love your charismatic way of not just coping, but LIVING!!!! You are an inspiration & I look forward to learning more from you in the future!! Thank you for being REAL & putting it all out there.

Hi maria – I just love your blog and would love to share it with moms in Durban, South Africa! I will, of course direct them straight back to your site if you give me permission. Particularly the Coffee Shop tips with a little one. I LOVE IT! Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hello Marita! You have a way with words that draws admiration from your viewers. My interests are in educational psychology and research and I spend my time writing. It’s such fun hearing about you and your kids as mine are grownups. Will try to visit often. Thanks for the laughs and insights about Autism. ~Sharlet

Hi, I am a stitcher and have sons, our eldest is autistic and our second son has Aspergers. Glad I found your blog.

Hi, and thanks for sharing your life on your blog.

I have a 12 year old son with an ASD, diagnosed with Aspergers. We all need a label.

You know it’s interesting how many bloggers I come across with kids with some sort of ASD. I suspect it’s in the genes.

It can be a hard road. School is the worst time, especially out of the classroom. Schools are not designed for kids with ASD.

Just be assured with love and support your little girl will make her own place in the world.

Less words, use checklists and she will be fine.

Just remember, fast-jet pilots and NASA Astronauts use checkists :)

Thank you Squadron :)

Interestingly my oldest who we suspect is Aspergers has decided long ago her career choice will be Army Engineer. Bet they use checklists too 馃榾

Thanks for your social story on going to the dentist. My son, Christian, is six and has severe ADHD and borderline Asperger. We are going to the dentist this Tuesday and I am hoping to get him to cooperate for the first time! I know this story will help.

I would love to know how you made this?


Hi Kim, I found some visuals about going to the dentist and then used what I remembered about previous dentists visits to put the story together. Hardest part was not saying anything negative – I don’t enjoy dentists visits much myself but I didn’t want to let my feelings influence how my daughter experienced dentist visits.

I hope your visit to the dentist goes smoothly :)

The visit went awesome!! He went back with the hygienist by himself and did everything he was supposed to without incident. Bad news…he needs four fillings so I am trying to update the story to include numbing and drills! Ugh!!!

Where did you find the visuals?

PictureSET is the resource I used for the images.

main page is here:

They have heaps of stuff available.

The Dental Vocabulary is available as .pdf or a Boardmaker file here :

Hello Marita,

I hope this note may help you and your community. To celebrate the launch of @mayerjohnson on Twitter, we are going to be giving away a free copy of Boardmaker Plus! to one lucky follower who does so by October 15th. To go to the page directly, the address is

Take care,
Dave Colson

Hi Marita,

My name is Leslie. My brother and his wife came up with the idea of EZ Sox (a learning sock) for my nephew who was diagnosed with Aspergers and frustrated with his inability to put on his own socks.

I would love to send you a few sets to try out with Annie and Heidi in the hope that they and you will love the socks enough to write about them on your blog. If you email me a PO Box if you have one, I can put them in the mail.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Hi again. I forgot to mention that Autism Digest recommended EZ Sox this year in their holiday gift guide.

We would love to hear as much feedback as possible about our product as we only just started producing it 2 months ago. Thanks again!

Hi, I’m contacting you on behalf of, a blogging site dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging discussion about the challenges of autism, aspergers and ASD. We are interested in syndicating your blog on Please contact for more information if you are interested in adding your blog to Autisable and reaching even more people with your story. Thank you!

Just came via Kelley’s blog and thought I should say Hi, added to blog reader, before I stalk stalking the archives! (like the OT posts! Makes me wanna be more transdisc!)


Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :-) Hope you enjoy the archives.

Cheers Marita

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Wow somebody retweeted me! Look forward to reading some of your posts. I have a nephew with Asperger’s and he has amazing parents.

thanks for coming to read my AMB Featured Post and leaving your comment, I a really appreciate your warm words.
I am just taking a look around your blog and enjoying myself immensely.

Thank you. I’ve subscribed to your blog as I enjoyed your post so much. :)

I just love your blog!! I have a history working with ASD children and currently work as a Child Adolesecnt Psychotherapist. I would love to use a blog of yours as a guest piece on my blog, it is for parents and educators of tweens and teens!

Collett – The T(w)een Factor

i stumbled upon this looking for a review about the santa paws movie and noticed the autism sticker on the right and then (for the 2nd time ever) i read some of your blog and was very impressed, i shared it on facebook too, i’m always looking for more information and ppl to talk with about that and things related, im really glad i found this site, will definitely be back :)

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Hello Marita and congrats on the new blog – it’s gorgeous! Really interested in your journey, ASD has recently been introduced to our family, my son 2 1/2 diagnosed in May this year, and my daughter on a waiting list for assessment also. We are swaying in perspective and emotion so I really like your attitude toward life and the diagnosis and hope thats a place we can reach in our minds and hearts soon too. It’s difficult but we are starting to see the blessings. Looking forward to being part of your journey x

Marita, my husband has Crohn’s too. It’s good to find another person who understands the ups & downs of this disease. (Enjoying your blog too btw.)

Thank you :) Crohns disease doesn’t get mentioned much in public so it is always good to find others who get the ups and downs.

Found you on google plus. Love your blog and will probably use your social stories (if I remember) lol. I have a son with Aperger’s and he is 7 1/2. Thank you for this blog.

Found you on google plus. Love your blog and will probably use your social stories (if I remember) lol. I have a son with Aperger’s and he is 7 1/2. Thank you for this blog.

Hi there! I found your wonderful blog by mistake, reading as much as I can on the web, my son is 3 and we are just starting a long journey into the unknown, his ADOS test is on the 9th of december. I am really scared, a little in denile, I just don’t know what to expect.

[…] few weeks back I read this post over at Stuff With Thing, about Marita’s daughter Annie sending a Christmas Care Package to an Australian […]

Hi Marita,
I have just come across your blog and think it’s great. I am also a proud mum of 2 kid with ASD. Our son is 11 and has moderate intellectual delay & autism & our daughter is just about to turn 9 and has aspergers. Life is always interesting and i wouldn’t change it for the world. I was reading your post about how autism doesn’t go away when they turn 7 and i couldn’t agree more. We also missed out on Fahcsia funding due to the ages of the kids and this really sucks. I’ve bookmarked your blog and plan to check back on a regular basis. If your on twitter check me out tamfink. We have also set up a fb page on behalf of my daughter which is called “aspergers is awesome”

Hi Marita
Found your blog through Planning with kids website. I am a mother of four, my eldest is an 12yr old aspie girl, main stream and starting high school next year. My 5yr old son was diagnosed with autism we were basically told he would only function in a supported school environment. We are on track to start kindy next year in a our local mainstream school. A diagnosis is a piece of paper, your attitude will change the way your child is preceived and what he or she can achieve.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You are so right, our attitude is vital in how others perceive our kids.


Hi Marita. I just read your guest post on Nic’s site. A great post (as I will write on there) I was quite struck by some similarities between my daughter (with CFS) and your eldest daughter’s behaviour. It helped to read of another parent so matter of factly taking their reluctant child to a psychologist you say ‘they talk about tough stuff in there’ amongst other things. I’m so sure these AI illnesses are intricately linked (CFS not yet proven AI but on the brink) And I see you have Crohns which I didn’t know before. Aaah well, thanks for the post. I haven’t posted for a month as everything’s a bit fragile and I don’t know where to start…but I know it will all be okay in the end. I’ve subscribed to your blog now so won’t keep forgetting to check in. Hope you’ve had a great day.

Thank you so much :)

I suspect you are correct about the AI illness link. My mum and brother also have AI diseases as do other family on Mums side. Has to be something genetic.

That toilet paper visual is excellent, just what i was looking for !! I think it will help my husband as much as my ASD son ; )

Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Parenting Party this week. I’ve loved reading through your blog tonight (why has it taken me so long to visit here?) Every post I’ve read has made me laugh and either opened my eyes or made me think. By the way, those ninja rubber duckies are all kinds of awesome! Where did you get those? I have a little Ninjago fan who would go crazy for them. :)

Hi!! I stumbled upon your website while looking for social stories. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist. I too started out as a cross-stitch blogger!!!! I now have a blog for all things crafty related to my Speech-Language Pathology at school :) Loving it and even opended a TpT store. Love your blog, great info and insight into a parents view! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi Marita,
What a wonderfully uplifting blog – thanks so much for sharing your insights. I’m a speech pathologist and work with a lot of families of children with autism, and have mentioned your blog to a number of people, including some of my colleagues! Thankyou for being so generous with the things you have created, I even borrowed your ‘Going to the Dentist’ Social Story last week to use as an example with one of my clients. Thanks so much again, and keep enjoying the adventure!

Thank you :) Always happy to hear my stories have helped.

Hi Marita,

Your Dad put me onto your Blog. Gee – it is extensive and informative and wonderful and humorous and I relish the chance to read your archives in the detail they deserve.

I am Adelaide born and raised, a Musician and Teacher with 2 wonderful Kids (Now 12 and 10). Currently living on the Gold Coast. I’ve always loved to write and after much nudging from some friends have finally started a Blog just this week. It is entitled SERENDIPITY. I intend it to be basically autobiographical, with various observations along the way and I hope a vein of self-depreciating humour. I’d appreciate – if and when you find the time – if you could give this newbie’s efforts a glance!

Best Wishes, Kylie :)

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