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Sorting the Lego

Posted by: Marita on: February 1, 2014

Two days before the end of school holidays I pulled out our big tubs of Lego so we could sort out the bricks and start rebuilding all our old sets that had got muddled together. I thought the sorting job would only take a couple of days.

Oh boy was I wrong! Here we are four days later and I’m only about halfway through. Granted not much sorting happened over the last two days as the start of the school year has taken all our time and energy. But I think this is going to be a long term job, especially as we still have to find all the parts to each set so we can construct those. 

I’m thinking the top of our library bookshelves might make a good display spot for some of the larger completed sets.


Color Sorting Lego


Ahhh memories! vintage Lego tiles.

Vintage Lego Tiles

Colourful clear lego bricks

Mixed up Lego Minifigures


Not much orange Lego.

green lego orange lego brown lego


Random items found mixed in the Lego tubs.



Random things found in lego tub

Lego wheels and steering wheels

Red tub full of Lego


2 Responses to "Sorting the Lego"

Eek! Fiddly jobs are the worst!… which reminds me, I need to sort out my crafting beads. After I do several easier, less-important things…

I totally agree. Frustratingly because all the lego is spread across the floor I can’t put roomba on to vacuum in that room either so it is getting dusty and making the job more off putting. :urgh:

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