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How to Grocery Shop Once a Month

Posted by: Marita on: August 14, 2012

It was way back in 2001, that I got introduced to the concept of being paid once a month. Oh boy was it a shock. Then I stumbled on a system we still use 11 years later – meal planning.

The brilliant thing about doing a big once a month grocery shop is you save money – buying in bulk is brilliant for saving, not to mention less visits to the shops = less opportunity to impulse purchase.

For non grocery items I made a note of when I replaced items and multiplied that out for the month. Toilet paper was changed daily, so I’d need roughly 31 rolls for the month, add extra for emergencies. We needed new shampoo roughly once a fortnight and conditioner every 10 days, so 2 bottles of shampoo and 3 conditioner for the month.

In fact the only problem with monthly grocery shop is actually shopping, I needed Ralph to come with me because it filled two trolleys and some of the larger items were heavy.  You have to pick it up to put it in the trolley, lift it out again at the checkout, back into the trolley, then into the car, then into the house. Ugh exhausting. It left me with no energy to breakdown the bulk packs of meat and veg to put in the freezer.

As the girls were born there was more stuff needed and less room in the car because they and their car seats took up valuable real estate. Things came to a head after Heidi arrived, she did not like shopping, would scream her way through the Preston Markets where we did our shop. It was horrible.

It was then that I discovered Coles Online, no more holding screaming Heidi and trying to shop, or abandoning Annie and my trolley as I chased an absconding Heidi out of the grocery store.  With Coles Online I could shop around Heidi’s schedule – of never ever sleeping – they would deliver the food right into my kitchen, no more lugging things through grocery stores, into the car and back out again.

I love Coles Online, they’ve made life so much easier. Each month I go through the recipes and pick one that looks like fun and hit the super easy ‘buy ingredients’ button.

I can relax at home waiting for my shopping to arrive, and then unpack it all, prep ingredients, get snacks into the fridge and not be shattered and exhausted afterwards. With our family allergies we choose the ‘No Substitutions’ option and occasionally something is not available for delivery, but that is better than getting a substituted item with nuts in it.

I really think they should make their tag line Coles Online  – No More Meltdowns’ because neither the children or I have meltdowns about grocery shopping now.

See all these groceries – I did not carry any of them inside!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Coles Online, who I love to pieces, they saved my grocery shopping sanity, all opinions are my own.

10 Responses to "How to Grocery Shop Once a Month"

I have only tried online shopping once and it was with Woolworths and it was such a bad experience that I haven’t tried again.
But maybe I’ll give Coles online a go. I hate shopping with two kids in tow so if I could order something online and it actually turned up on time with produce that I would actually put in my trolley – not green potatoes, then I would be STOKED.
logging on to give it a go now.

I hope you love it as much as I do :)

I don’t care if this is a sponsored post, I am so envious! We live a little too far out of a town for us to use this service. I would be like you and appreciate it so much. Grocery shopping is the pits, any time of day.

I have 13 steps to lug it up. I do plan the shopping in small amounts now. xo

Ugh steps, I do not envy you, not at all. I hated carrying shopping upstairs when I was single and living alone, would be so much worse with family to shop for.

I use Coles Online too – I love being able to shop in front of the TV in the evening! I don’t like it for fruit and veg though as I’ve found the quality not to be very good (this might vary according to region though) so I go to a market for fresh stuff and get the other groceries delivered. I’m amazed at how much toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner your family uses – we are a family of 4 and don’t use anything like that amount (maybe one bottle of shampoo every 3 months). We just have boys though so maybe it’s a gender issue?

Crohns disease certainly makes for extra toilet paper usage at times.

The girls do go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner, but then I don’t buy large bottles for them either as they tend to empty it out at the same rate regardless of the size of the bottle. Almost as if you have a giant bottle then you need to use a giant size amount – if that makes sense.

We love Coles Online here too. We have been doing since my first daughter was born, when neither my husband or could drive. We’ve never gone back to the supermarket. Like some else said we do our fruit and veges at the local shops.

I do a mini fruit and veggie shop once a week – fresh stuff wont last a full month. But it is quick and painless :)

We do an online shop, always with Coles, when it all gets too much, but maybe as I also get paid monthly we should switch to this too… Shopping with Poss is hard and tedious and I hate trying to juggle the budgets each week to do the weekly shop…

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