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Trash Pack Party ! The Food

Posted by: Marita on: May 8, 2012

Annie wanted themed trashy food for her party, I once again consulted friends, brainstormed ideas and came up with a sort of plan.

Drinks – I had green and orange cordial from Cottee’s and water, along with green & orange cups and matching straws in teeny tiny wheelie bins.

The first round of food that went out:

1. Individual fruit salad in orange and green (Trash Pack) colours (rockmelon, honeydew melon, green grapes and pineapple) in green bowls with teeny tiny forks.

2. Honey Joys

3. Funky large milk bottle filled with lollies and a bowl of freckles – both left over from filling the trashy treasure hunt bags.

4. Individual bags of popcorn – I filled each popcorn bag with 1 cup of coloured popcorn.

Second round was hot food, one of my friends picked up $20 worth of hot chips for me, we simply put them out on the table in the takeaway box. Another friend gave me a bunch of cardboard hot chip cups and the children were able to fill their cups using some super cute teeny tiny orange tongs I found.

I also cooked up 2.5kg of cocktail franks in the dreampot, the stinky squids were too much prep, so I opted for some pirate flags that I tried to convince everyone were a toxic substance warning.

Third there was muddy slime jelly cups (and plain green and orange jelly shots for those kids who do not like food touching), all served with super cute teeny tiny spoons.

The mud at the bottom is Cottee’s Instant Chocolate pudding, made using slightly less milk so it is a little firmer, topped with some gummy worms.

Finally the crowning glory, the birthday cake, made by a very talented mum at our school.

Drum roll please, presenting one very Trashie Trash Pack Cake….

It was a delicious chocolate cake inside with sour cherry filling – two layers of cake separated by a cake board for easy cutting :)

The lovely Cake Maker even provided 12 dairy free (nut free, natural food colouring) cupcakes for Heidi and other kids with allergies.

Mmmmm I’m hungry now looking at all those pictures :)

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That cake is fantastic. More great ideas for me to steal and keep for future reference

Steal away :) That is what the internet is for.

Rockin’ party!


From the Queen of Most Awesome Parties EVER that is high praise indeed. Thank you.

The muddy slime jelly cups were truly an abomination, that pudding stuff just tastes like toxic waste – IOW – perfectly on theme. The cake was amazing and the artist so modest.

I’ve still got packets of the instant pudding left. So far it has made a moderately okay vanilla slice style thing. Next up I plan to attempt cheesecake using another packet.

So many great ideas and WOW what an amazing cake!

I’ve never heard of a Dream Pot, I’m off to check that out now …

Cake was brilliant.

I got my Dream Pot at a caravan show, it is a lot like a slow cooker / giant thermos and super handy when you need to take hot food from A to B.

I won’t go so far as to say it looks appetising… BUT – boy does it look like an impressive effort!!! … I hope Annie and her friends had a great day! :)

The children had a fabulous day and that in the end makes it all worthwhile :)

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WOW! Just WOW! I was googling Trash Pack cakes as that is what my about-to-turn 6 son has requested. That cake is absolutely amazing! Now, how on earth do I manage one by Friday? LOL!

xx Karen

Good luck with your party Karen and happy 6th birthday to your son :)

Took my friend about 2 weeks to create this cake, she is a professional cake decorator :) I’m very lucky.

Thanks so much Marita…the party was a great success and the cake didn’t turn out too bad either. I have just posted a blog about it, and linked back to your post as that was my inspiration. Hope that’s ok :) Here is the link to my post

xx Karen

The cake looks great! Just wondering what you used for the grey colour?

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