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The Perfect Party – Stuff With Thing Hosts a Disney Junior Party

Posted by: Marita on: November 14, 2011

I often feel really intimidated by all the perfect parties I see people writing about online – the beautiful photos of colour co-ordinated decorations, children dressed in their party best looking immaculate and happy. How do people manage it I wonder?

I’m going to let you in on a secret that took me far too long to realise.

There is no perfect party, there are great parties yes, but nothing in life is ever perfect.

I invite you to check out the Stuff With Thing tips to party greatness.

1. Pick a theme, it really does help – for our Disney Junior Party I went with Mickey Mouse colour theme – red and black with yellow accents.

Even the fruit is red and black themed

2. Choose one or two rooms to decorate, you are only one person… well unless you have a team of party helpers then choose one or two rooms per person to decorate. We decorated our lounge / dining room and I made Bunting for the first time 😀



3. There are certain rooms I insist on being cleaned before our parties at home – the foyer, it is the first room people see when they arrive, the party room/s, the kitchen; you are preparing food in there, it has to be hygienic, the bathroom /toilet; simply because I feel ill when using dirty bathroom/toilet and don’t want my guests to feel that.

Kitchen all Cleaned Up

My friend R has a brilliant party cleaning tip, don’t go nuts cleaning before a party, because inevitably children will make a huge mess and you will have to clean it all again after. Instead invite one special friend and their children over about half an hour before the other guests. Give the kids a crushed up packet of chips and let them scatter it throughout the house. When other guests arrive blame the children and their chips for any mess 😀

4. Prepare as much as possible the day/night before and aim to have everything ready an hour before the party so you can relax and be ready to greet guests in a calm happy frame of mind. This is in great part driven by our family circumstances, autism and parties are often a huge meltdown trigger. So I plan food that can be made in advance, decorate the day before, then on party day I can focus on my girls, complete the few remaining tasks at a leisurely pace, shower, dress and then in the hour before the party relax, prepare my girls for the guests who will soon arrive and take photos.

Annie & Heidi Relaxing :D

5. Photos – here is the key to your perfect party blog post, photograph the parts you want the world to see, your perfect bunch of flowers table centrepiece and do not photograph the bits you don’t want to reveal – the bedroom where everything is hidden away.

Lollypop flowers with jellybeans

Amazing how much you can fit in one bedroom

6. A party is not worth risking your marriage or relationship with your children over, seriously, it is just a party and your guests will understand if things are not perfect.

7. Be inspired by those parties you read about online and the parties you attend, I loved this photo frame serving tray idea from the Disney 3D party so much that I made a Mickey Mouse version of my own :). Remember while you are being inspired by those blog posts and parties that you only see what the host chooses to present, not that hidden room of stuff.

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog

8. Plan activities to keep the children entertained, a little structure is always helpful in avoiding meltdowns. The children were entranced by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup and Handy Manny: Big Construction Job – seriously DVD parties rock when you have large group of autistic kids such as we did today. We followed the TV time with some outside play – noise makers, bubble mix and general outdoor fun.

Mickey Mouse Club House Numbers Roundup

My husband inspired by the Disney 3D event set up all the computers in the house to play different Disney DVDs so there was something for everyone

9. Nicole at Planning With Kids has a great Parties with Kids ebook which I can highly recommend, it really helps with the party planning.


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The lovely folk at Disney have offered a Disney Junior prize pack for one lucky reader, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup and Handy Manny: Big Construction Job DVDs.


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Disclaimer: Disney and Porter Novelli gave me a Disney Junior Party Pack review and Nikon Coolpix L23 to photograph our party, all opinions expressed are purely my own. 


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I love to plan birthday parties but then time gets away and I get all flustered. So this year I’m going to have decorations done the day before. Food organised and ready to go (hopefully 1 hour before as you suggested) and have a good time instead of bring stressed.

My daughter thinks that the party bags are the best part about a party so I try and make them special for her.

I love it… some great advice here for when i have the combined 12th (b), 6th (g) and 4th (b) birthday next year. Going with a sea theme here (Sponge Bob, Mermaid and Pirate).

I try to plan well in advance, make sure i have plenty of time to gather all my supplies. I try to use plain colours and by mixing them together make the theme, for instance i used red, orange and black for my youngests 1st birthday and we had some ‘warning’ tape from a construction zone that helped tie all the colours together and show that it was a construction party rather than purchase all construction themed supplies, this means that the left overs can be used for our next party or for art and craft so now wastage.

Have shared on FB too and it can be found here….

I always need to be really organised and love to have everything matching.
Your party looked great !!

Have shared on Facebook too :-)

oh man that crushed up chips idea is gold… GOLD!
Looks like an ace party!

Amazing Disney Party! Looks like you all had a great time. My tips for party planning is firstly choose a theme – then choose a few colours. Also I have learnt that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel – go online and look at pinterest/goggle and type in your theme, you will be suprised at all the great ideas for decorating, games and food that will come up. I have found that I am really busy at my children’s parties so I ask a couple of friends (who are good photographers) to take snaps of the details – flowers, cakes, decorations and the children during the party. Lastly try to have with your gorgeous birthday child during the party :-)

I have tweeted!

I have shared on facebook.

My party tips would be to be well organised, have some fabulous party games for the kids, and a range of both healthy and ‘fun’ foods.

I’ve tweeted about this too :)

Have shared on FB too :)

My boys love Handy Manny, Mickey & Minnie traveled WA with us too.

Shared on FB – what a cool party but your Lego one was awesome !

Shared on twitter

Plan and research! My son is turning 3 in 10 days and he’s having a construction party. Have found some fantastic items/ideas online (safety cones) and places like Bunnings. Also found free printable safety signs and colouring-in sheets by googling – will look great and keeps cost down! Also keep party food simple – I plan to enjoy the party too (but the preparation has been so much fun!!)

tweeted :)

shared on fb, though fb not playing nice & won’t show the tag so here is the link –!/nicole.disbrey/posts/226256877439689

Some fabulous advice there! Take hints and tips from the party stylists pages but important to remember the party is for your child and you to enjoy!


Have it at the park!! No little kids trashing the house and there are some awesome play equipment set ups at some near me! 😀

Have tweeted!! @oozzle 😀

Have shared and tagged on FB 😀

Thanks to my dear friend Alison Lee for sharing with me 😀 If I was a lucky winner please give this to Alison- something devastating happened to her and I really would like a token of my friendship to her and her family xoxoxo

My tip is on my blog- its my thoughts about my kids not being invited to a party and how sad that would be….

My tip: have a great friend help you on the day. Some Mothers will stay, but a lot don’t. So, it’s great to have another adult supervising with you.

Defintiley calling in help to reduce stress! I get my partner, friends, and other kids’ parents to help on the day, makes life 100x easier!

have it at a nearby playground. That way you don’t have to clean your house.

My tip, besides being organised, is to have a definite start and end time for the party. If parents leave their children, advise them that pick up is at (123) o’lock, not necessary to give a reason. Saves having stragglers, especially when kids are tired. Love the tip about inviting a friend half a hour early and giving them the packet of chips. Will keep that one in the back of my mind for the next party.

I make lists beforehand and use food that can be prepared the night before so I have time to decorate
ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

Use what help is available. My family all love to help- bringing a plate of food… Plus my niece and nephews love organising games and running them at their younger cousins party. Lots of fun for all!

A fun and practical game I like to do at kid’s parties is to melt some cooking chocolate. Blow up some water balloons & dip the base into the chocolate (this will create a chocolate seving cup when cooled). Place it onto a lined cooking tray and wait til the chocolate has hardened. Now for the fun part- arm the kids with toothpicks & pop the balloons. Peel balloons off & you will then be left with small chocolate cups that can be filled with fruit pieces or lollies. Lots of fun.

Shared on FB as Chon Ky

My tip is keep the kids busy with games so they dont get bored and get into things they are not meant to.

I love to do all the entertaining. We love creating activities. The best place is at the park or beach. Also with food, have a variety of different foods as some children have allergies and eat certain types of foods

my biggest tip for birthday partys is if your not inviting all the kids from the class dont send invites to school to be handed out ring the parents nothing worse than been that one child who isnt invited this happen to my son recently worst the kids picked on him even more the next day we are putting his party together at the moment and yes he has to invite this child to his sometimes its easyer to bit the bullet and not follow another parents example my other tip is instead of balloons full of heliam bloow the balloons up and use bouble sided sticky tape to stick to the roof and a string to hang down looks great with less exspense

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