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Thankful for Boardgames

Posted by: Marita on: November 24, 2011

Life continues to be crazy and stressful but there are wonderful happy fun moments happening at our house.

I’m thankful for playing Snap

I’m thankful for playing Trouble

I’m thankful for playing Snakes and Ladders

Much fun, much learning – how to take turn, how to win, how to lose, how to suffer setbacks and recover, how to kick mummies butt.

Head on over to Kate’s to see who else is joining in Thankful Thursday.

22 Responses to "Thankful for Boardgames"

Yes the learning how to lose part needs a little more practise in our house. :) xxx

Heidi is so not good at losing, she collapses onto the floor wailing, needs lots more practice.

Wow this post jolts my childhood memories. Simeple joyful times.. Gd thing u pointed out learning abt set-backs through these games too. It’s not always abt training the mind, but character & soul too :)

I have such fond memories of playing scrabble with my Grandparents. Hope my girls have good memories of playing with me :)

We too love board games. Maybe it is the rule thing about them. But many afternoons, evenings (even mornings) have been saved buy a quick game.
Plus I have a stash hidden away when things are really bad so the kids love getting a new game

I should start putting a stash of boardgames away to pull out on challenging days. Great idea.

I love playing boardgames with the kids, but because they are at different stages and abilities, hubby and I have to do the divide and conquer approach. He plays chess with the biggest while I play something like snakes and ladders with the small ones

We are lucky that Annie is happy to play Heidi level games and we can play trickier games with Annie one on one at other times.

I can’t wait until the kids actually play board games rather than try to wreck them! I loved Trouble as a kid – so cool to see it’s still around.

Oh yes, there was a while there when I wondered if Heidi would ever grow out of the eating the game stage.

Yes board games are a saver here too

They are so wonderful :)

Love it! Some of the best times are when they/we’re all playing board games!

Happy Thankful Thursday!!

Thanks, we are all so tightly wound at the moment that a short break from life playing boardgames is wonderful distraction.

Oh I love that snakes and ladders!! Love board games too :)

3D Snakes and Ladders – I used to curse it when the girls were younger because it was too fiddly and Heidi just wanted to roll the balls down the snakes. Now it is just perfect.

What an amazing Snakes & Ladders! My Boyo spent hours the other day making his very own Monopoly board, with his own rules, counters, money, cards, etc. Bless him – it took so long, I managed to escape actually having to play! 😉

That is a brilliant idea :) I’m hoping that once the girls get a bit better at playing boardgames that we might be able to successfully make one.

To try and stop myself from going nuts we pulled out yahtzee yesterday, and it was the oddest game I have ever played. Every turn Miss 5 and I were throwing straights, it was almost impossible for either of us to get 3 of a kind of anything. It was definitely some kind of statistical anomaly. Drove her nuts too.

we love board games too and my kids also love to kick my butt. loved this post. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m looking forward to buying new games at the toy & game expo next year!

I should start putting a stash of boardgames away to pull out on challenging days. What an amazing Snakes & Ladders! Happy Thankful Thursday!!

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