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Huge Cars 2 Giveaway

Posted by: Marita on: November 22, 2011

We loved Cars a lot, my girls who adore all things fairy and pink both instantly clicked with Cars. I took Heidi to see Cars 2 at the movies but Annie wasn’t with us. So when we were invited to a Cars 2 3D screening in the city I instantly accepted.

Heidi loved the projectors which were showing Disney promo’s on the wall and we spent lots of time playing shadow finger puppets.

I was very impressed by the amazing food and views (not to mention the awesome company).

I was also impressed that the 3D TV glasses fit comfortably over my regular glasses – see:

Makes for a much more pleasant viewing experience.

Annie spent her time chilling out watching the movie and hanging out with Kate Says Stuff big boy – here she is in the London room.

We didn’t see much of the movie on the day of the Disney event (girls and I were too busy socialising), but have since watched it several times over.

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The lovely folk at Disney have offered a Super Awesome Cars 2 prize pack for one lucky reader.



The Cars 2 pack includes:

  • Cars 2 Blu-ray and DVD
  • Invisible Pen with UV Light set
  • Cars 2 watch
  • Credit Card Sized USB Flash Drive
  • Mini Car toolkit
  • Spy Ear Phone
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To Enter:

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Leave a comment below suggesting ways I could convince my husband to get a 3D TV

Sharing on twitter / facebook is welcomed but will not gain extra entries.

Competition will close on Tuesday 6th December 2011 at 6pm AEST.

Competition open to Australian readers only.

Most creative comment as chosen by me wins.

Disclaimer: Disney entertained us very well at the Cars 2 3D event and gave us some super cool good bags to take home, all opinions expressed are purely my own. 

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63 Responses to "Huge Cars 2 Giveaway"

Tell him how wonderful it would be for your blogging, and the types of movies you could review – not just kids ones… I’m sure you can find some 3D movies he would enjoy :)

tell him it brings educational movies alive. :)

it is so much better than a regular hd or plasma tv..i love it..tell him he would really love it if he bought u a 3d tv…it just has so much better graphics than the other leading tv’s…tell him he wont regret it when he buys it and see’s a movie on it for the first time..he will fall in love…thanks for the chance

tanyacantrell2 at yahoo dot com

You can do what I did and tell him that he wouldn’t have to do any housework, cook dinners or gardening for two weeks!!!!

I’m not sure my suggestion is suitable for saying out loud, but you know what it is. Hehehe.

heehee this is what I was thinking.. I can get almost anything out of HB if I promise the right things.. 😛

Tell him sport would look much better on it :) That should do the trick!!

Tell him that you all need to be able to escape into a 3D fantasy world sometimes – some days more than others.

Buy the 3D glasses for all the family. He’ll say they’re useless without the 3DTV! Next thing he’ll be down the shop buying the TV. Worked for me!!

It will help bring the family together, imagine those movie nights where everyone is happy and excited

Is he a sports fan? Tell him how much more exciting the football/ soccer/ cricket is in 3d it would be just about as good as really being there without the cost and hassle

Convince him? I doubt that would be hard, just tell him it is ok with you and he will knock down walls in his rush to the shops with the credit card which you will have to immediately cancel to allow you to cover the property damage before you leave your place…

Ahhh you have clearly not heard his anti-3D rants recently. He is dead set against them.

Not sure of your hubby is like mine( this would work on my hubby lol ), but I would threaten him with Mariah Carey’s christmas album on repeat 24/7 until he got me that TV! I love that album actually, he loathes it!!! Lol

Keep walking past the shop when they are out the front on display with movies showing on them. If he is anything like my husband he will stand there like a stuffed animal each time until he decides that yes he does want one.

Well if he is sport lover, tell him that sport would be so realistic that he will be jumping off his seat to catch the ball coming at him….it will feel like he is actually participating in the game………the only problem with this will anyone else actually get to watch anything the tv!!!!!

It would bring your love for him to a whole new dimension * wink

Borrow a 3D TV from someone: trust me your husband will not want to give it back. He will be hooked & you will be out electronics shopping before you know it.

Advise your loving husband that the new 3D TV is “the future of television”.
Not only can he watch the normal TV shows, and be taken to another level in the sports programs but imagine what the Xbox/Playstation games will look like on that HUGE TV.
Tell him: It is a must for our family and for our “alone” time as this will make me sooooooooo very happy and you know what happens when i am happy. (lol)

Tell him 3D TV has been know to send women subliminal messages that order them to take the rubbish out and mow the lawn – what the hell you might as well do everything around the house!

Tell him it’s on sale.

Haha tell him you will never nag him ever about the toilet seat again!

It’s a gadget. If he doesn’t immediately get one he is putting his manhood in doubt.

You could swing by our house for dinner, and we’ll just happen to have ours on & when he see’s it he’ll be begging you for one!

All guys love to game, and they are AWESOME for gaming!! A real eye popping experience, having the combat right in your face or racing cars that come out towards you. Tell him this, and he’ll buy you one for Christmas….or sooner ! !

Shame him in front of his mates. When they know you want one and he does not, they’ll be wondering where he left his balls.

Don’t try & convince him. Just go out & buy it and when he comes home, if he starts to complain, tell him you won it !

3DTV is amazing!!! i was against it until hubby brought one home, now i couldn’t go back. Picture quality on a 3dtv even on normal television is of a higher quality. For me it was watching Thor in 3d that did it… i mean those abs in 3D were amazing…
Hubbies suggestion is that your hubs can then brag to his mates that he can watch Porn in 3D!

Hide the remote to the current tv.

Imagine watching the footy or cricket in 3D! Enough said

Hmmmm tell hubby about the magical engagement you got from the girls when the discovered the 3D.. It just opened up a whole new world to see their faces respond to the life like characters was amazing!!! Maybe it might work..

‘If you want a 3D me, dear, we need a 3D TV.’ That’s all you need to say to your chap.

when shopping around we found a 3d cheaper than a normal tv since then we have had lots of quality time with the family (especially on rainy days) lots of new movies are 3d so you need one to watch them plus he can watch his favourite sports and feel like his part of the game in 3d

I would say something like, “your friend Joe has one…” or ask about them when that friend is near, so hype it up. Buddies seem to convince buddies more than we could! lol

if you dont get a 3D tv to keep the kids entertained your going on a weeks holiday to the value of the cost of one ON YOUR OWN and he can stay home and baby sit while you enjoy some me time and maybe put some holiday brochers around just to show him your not kidding lol

Lavish him with compliments (“You work so hard, you deserve SOMETHING!!” or “You’re such a good provider, and never ask for anything, this would do so much for us as a family”)
and tell him how ‘ahead of everyone else’ he is by wanting a 3D tv.
Make him think he was the one to suggest getting the tv in the first place.
So when you eventually get it and sit around watching it he can smugly smile and say “See, aren’t you happy I told you to get the tv?”

Tell him he can get a little bar fridge for the loungeroom to put next to his chair, so when the 3D movies are on he doesn’t have to get up to get a drink!

Tell your hubby that he’s worked SO hard all year, and although this TV is to be enjoyed by the whole family, it’s REALLY a Christmas present for him!
Tell your hubby that everything looks better in 3D – sports games are more active, animated movies are more life-like, and “adult” movies are more… stimulating!
Tell your hubby, in front of his mates, that it’s time you upgraded the TV. Say you don’t want to be the only one with outdated equipment!
Finally, discuss this with your hubby after plying him with a few glasses of chardonnay… I’m sure he’ll agree to anything!

Don’t tell him that Santa Claus is not real and just put one under the tree for Christmas!!

Tell him he needs glasses so seeing as to how he’s going to be watching tv he may as well but 3D ones as well and the a 3D tv to go with them

‘Accidently’ break your current TV. Then when you go shopping for a new one, duck into the store first and ask the sales person to give your husband a spiel about how non-3D TV’s will be obsolete in a year!

*~ Tell him that you read in the latest ‘Tech’ magazines that all SPORT will only be viewable on 3D TV’s….. as of Boxing Day! ~*

tell him the AFL Grandfinal will be broardcast in 3D this year (or NRL if he’s into that).

Take him to a 3D movie, then, tell him you read that the 3D tv’s were better for your eye and ear health as old ones have proved to cause problems. He will be out the door to buy one

More 3D Movie nights at home means more snuggle time = well you know were a snuggle can lead 😉

If I was in your position I would say: ‘i heard there’s free porn’ lol no better not say that.
Instead, stick a picture of someone he hates on the old TV so he will want to destroy it. Grrrr!

Just tell him it will give him TRIPLE the enjoyment than a standard tv!

A) huge educational benefits for your girls
B) get him to imagine F1 in 3D or
C) new slimline, 3DLED TVs use less power than conventional tvs so he’ll be saving money & being environmentally friendly.

Just tell him it comes with free Beer 😉 ….

1. It will be cheaper than going to the movies in 3d
2. Sport is being introduced into 3d, what an amazing way to watch sport
3. Promise that kids will make breakfast in bed for him for 3 weeks.

If all that fails refuse to cook for him

This is hilarious, normally it would be the hubby trying to convince the wife to get a huge 3DTV – just tell him I said exactly that & he might change his mind :) Most guys love any excuse to sit in front of the telly and relax

when you buy a 3d TV buy a PS3 too.. Surely he wouldn’t complain about that!

Dont bother trying to convince him, its almost Christmas time……Buy one and say……………..Merry Christmas honey!

i would tell him he could wATCH all his men movies on his new 3d way better than the old tv

leave cardboard cutout of yourself around the house tell him you feel flat and cant feel whole till you get a 3d tv.

I know Sony are always doing great promotion around christmas times and normally throw in a PS3 console pack with the purchase of a 3D TV. They might even throw in a BBQ, mini fridge cooler, digital radio too!

Tell hubby the 3D TV will save on power as it has an infra red signal which detects when hubby is sitting on his favourite couch and if he leaves or fall asleep, the 3D TV will turn itself automatically. Also hubby can enjoy watching all his favourite shows as it would be programme into the TV so the kids cannot take over without activating the voice sensor!

I will go against the trend and say don’t waste your money.This is just a fad,a huge television seller in Japan now no longer sells 3D televisions because there is no demand

I was at Aldi the other day and they have a Huge 3D TV with 4pairs of 3d Glasses included for $799

Tell he’d look really cool with the 3D glasses on and that you’ve heard they are bringing out Top Gun in 3D!

I missed out the ‘Him’ didn’t I?

Take him out for a treat to the imax to see a sports program or fishing the 3d effects will speak for themselves and he’ll want one at home.

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