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Autism Hero Highlights

Posted by: Marita on: November 12, 2011

There are so many fabulous blog posts about Autism and Aspergers that I discover each week I thought it was time to showcase them.

Thus introducing my new weekly post ‘Autism Hero Highlights’ I’m posting on Saturdays so I can link up with the wonderful #SpecialSaturday on Twitter.

1. A guest post at Special Education Advisor about  Seven Things I Wish Someone had Told Me When My Daughter Was First Diagnosed with Autism

This is so true:

“You are going to meet some amazing people who are walking this road right with you.”

I’m so very thankful and grateful for all the wonderful people I have met during this awe-tism journey. The other 6 things are all stuff I wish I knew when Heidi was first diagnosed.

You can find Special Education Advisor on Facebook and Twitter.


2. Erin at The Zoo Train is talking about the challenges of finding the right Christmas Gift for a child with Autism.

“The next problem is Age Appropriateness.  Now I don’t really get on the boat that says that my child should play with things that are age appropriate just because it’s socially acceptable…he is who he is and we love him that way.  But it does break my heart to see him not fit in with his peers…”

This I can relate to so much, both Annie and Heidi want to play with baby toys still, I let them at home because it makes them happy but when they are choosing toys to take to school I encourage taking something age appropriate.

You can find Erin on Facebook and Twitter.


3.Leah Kelly wrote about If and When Strategies: the power of language in parenting.

The word if is so amazingly potent: it can take a logical consequence and turn it into a threat or a power struggle with a child.

This is a timely reminder for me as I struggle with 8yo Annie’s behavioural issues and try to find respectful ways to resolve our conflicts.

You can find Leah on Facebook and Twitter.


4. A great post at AS Parenting that made me think Are You Standing In Their Way?

We strive to teach our girls independent skills, but sometimes it is so much easier to do it for them, however the last sentence resonated with me and reminded me why I have to keep letting them do it themselves…

“part of having a self-advocating, autonomous adult is allowing them to make their own mistakes, teaching them skills to increase their independence and allowing them to make their own decisions.”

You can find AS Parenting on Twitter.


5. Thanks to @BenisonAnne on twitter for linking to this book review post after reading my post asking for help finding books about puberty:

Designed for children aged five to eighteen years, it includes simply-worded stories, visuals and hard and fast rules about what is right and wrong.

You can find Autism Handbook on Twitter.


6. A tweet from @TwinsMa led me to discover her amazing blog post Unsubscribed…:

I decided instead of letting someone tell me where my boys are supposed to be, I’m going to learn to be happy with where they are now. I’m going to help them to learn at their paces. I’m going to teach them the most important lessons in the world: Love, Hope, and Compassion.

I read Unsubscribed… with tears in my eyes, because that was me, tracking Heidi’s progress and my heart breaking when she didn’t tick the boxes, going to the maternal and child health nurse visits and finding out more milestones we were not reaching. Then one day discovering the freedom of letting it all go, living by our own set of milestones and rejoicing in them.

You can find TwinsMa / Fairy Tale Forgotten on Twitter.


Have you written an Autism post this week? Feel free to link up and share your post here.




9 Responses to "Autism Hero Highlights"

A great idea Marita – I look forward to reading all your finds each Saturday!

Thank you Kirsty and you are always welcome to add your own posts to the linky.

Wonderful idea, I too look forward to reading these highlights each week! Bron @ At Home Mum also links up bloggers posts on their ASD journey weekly if you are interested in possibly finding more. I’m a bit hopeless on the commenting front but I love your blog Marita and all the support you offer through sharing your family and finds is much appreciated xx

Thank you Carly, I will check out the link up :) So many great blogs to read, so little time :) and I hear you about the commenting, hard enough finding spare time to read all the great blogs and I’m often on my iphone which makes commenting a nightmare.

Yes, the nightmare of iPhone/iPad blogging! Great for convenient on the run reading, stealing 5 min here and there, but I find that one touch screen finger typing slow and the results are usually full of typos… then you get bumped, touch the screen and loose everything LOL
Look at me…. two comments in quick succession…. I’m on a roll! 😉

Fanbloodytastic idea Marita!!! So many parents will be so grateful for this :-) Sharing right now! x

Thank you :) I see so many posts during the week it is hard to feature them all, which is why I put the linky up – for others to share their posts.

I thanked you this morning, but I’ll thank you again, this was a VERY good idea :)

Thank you Erin :)

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