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Sunday Selections

Posted by: Marita on: September 18, 2011

Iā€™m joining in Sunday Selections.


It would have been my Grandma’s 94th Birthday today.

Some photos of Grandma with my girls at her 90th Birthday party.

I forget how tiny Grandma was, she made me feel like a giant and Ralph looked huge beside her. For our wedding photo we had to stand two steps down so that the photographer could get us all in the shot. (That is Grandma on the left… well technically both are my Grandma’s but only one has a birthday today)

While I’m tripping down memory lane, some more pictures from the trip to QLD in Sept 2007.


Was she ever that small…


Why do they have to grow up?

14 Responses to "Sunday Selections"

They grow up because you keep feeding them. D’uh

Lovely skip down memory lane

Oh dear, I plan to continue feeding them. Can see both girls towering over me before too long.

I never really knew any of my grandparents but I imagine it must be a wrench losing them. Lovely photos and memories xx

Thanks Kate, it is hard :(

Thank you for taking us down Memory Lane with you. Like Kate @, I never knew any of my grandparents so those shots are especially poignant.

A pleasure to share.

Thankyou Marita, It was lovely to share moments of your life with you. And yes if you stop feeding them they stop growing, but I think there is a law about that.

Yes I suspect there is a law about not feeding kids :)

Pleasure to share the moments with you :)

I love that so many kids get to meet their great-grandparents these days. Miss 5 got to meet all of hers, although she will probably onyl ever remember my paternal grandparents.

I love Heidi with the sunglasses, and Annie is the one who looks so unbelievable small to me!

Annie has hit the road to ‘young lady’ and she looks so different now from her toddler pictures.

Heidi used to always wear her sunglasses upside down. I miss those days.

You’ve got non-pink hair there! Weird šŸ˜›

I know, it is just all wrong.

Marita that set for Sunday selections is beautiful! Sweet too, for your memory lane trip via your grandmother’s special day & your wedding too. Kids grow up far too fast that’s for sure.. Your girls are blessed to have you & R as their parents … D xx

Thank you Denyse :) I’m blessed to have my girls too :)

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