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Win One Year’s Supply of Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper to Celebrate 5 Years of Stuff With Thing

Posted by: Marita on: September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Stuff With Thing.



5 Years Old this week.

To celebrate I’ve got 5 days worth of giveaways.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited, read, left a comment on the blog, facebook or twitter. Thank you.

Each giveaway is carefully chosen to represent different themes on Stuff With Thing over the last 5 years.

One theme relates to Crohn’s Disease – which I was diagnosed with at 19yo. I’ve been lucky for the last 8 years, my Crohn’s has mostly been in remission following a small bowel resection a few months after Annie’s birth. However there are times when things flare up and those times are becoming more frequent. A reminder that there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease and this is a lifelong condition.

My most popular blog post ever is about poo – “How to Collect a Stool Sample” – now with over 11,300 individual page views!

My very first every blog post was about toilets.

I have found when it comes to living with chronic bowel disease that good quality toilet paper products are vital. Anyone who has ever experienced gastro / diarrhoea will know what I am talking about. When it comes to severe Crohns flareups or pre-Colonoscopy prep the flushable wipes are a godsend.

Which leads me to the first of my blog birthday giveaways.

I would like to thank Kleenex Mums for the very generous giveaway donation and for having the most awesome, softest toilet paper ever.


First Prize: one year’s supply of Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper (300rolls)

(RRP $4.29 per 6pack)

 winner can pick any Kleenex Cottonelle variant

(white, marine, kids, hypoallergenic, long roll).

Second Prize: 16 packs of Kleenex Flushable Wipes (RSP $3.98ea)

Third Prize: The cutest Kleenex Plush Puppy ever!

To Enter:

Leave a comment below about when you’ve needed a gentler toilet paper.

Additional Entries:

Tweet: “Win One Year’s Supply of Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper to Celebrate 5 Years of Stuff With Thing: at @StuffWithThing

And leave a comment here saying you Tweeted.

Share on Facebook: “Win One Year’s Supply of Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper to Celebrate 5 Years of Stuff With Thing: at @Stuff With Thing

Make sure you @ tag my facebook page so I can verify your entry and leave a comment here saying you shared on facebook.

Competition will close on Friday 30th September 2011 at 6pm AEST.

Competition open to Australian readers only.

Winners will be chosen using

Disclaimer: Kleenex Mums have donated products for the giveaway only. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

88 Responses to "Win One Year’s Supply of Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper to Celebrate 5 Years of Stuff With Thing"

I was a member of The Greens until I tried the recycled toilet paper that they suggested wouldn’t destroy the world. My backside still winces at the thought. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and making my bowel even grumpier with sandpapering the region is unhelpful.

shared on facebook where all my friends will see it 😉

I am a princess I need it everyday

shared on facebook

Any time that i’ve eaten the “wrong” foods for my IBS prone tummy :\

I needed one yesterday.

With two kids who seem to spend half their lives in the toilet due to food intolerences, we got through, pardon the french, a shitload of toilet paper!
When we’ve needed it to be soft and welcoming like Cottonelle ks whenever they’ve got a tummy upset or gastro bug.
Me? I splashed out on Cottonelle when I was doing my prep for a colonoscopy. Basically you drink a horrible solution over a certain number of hours and spent most of it hovering on the toilet. By bottom said thank you to Cottonelle that day. (Sorry for Overshare, but you did ask…)

Colonoscopys are no fun and “clearing out” your system is a must before the procedure. Having a gentler toiletpaper is always something I make sure I have before my regular checkup!

I tweeted!

I shared on Facebook

I was a no-name recycled toilet paper gal back before children, of course once i had my first (complete with 4th degree tear! ouch) i no longer used the no-name stuff but still went with recycled whenever i could. After hubby had his colonoscopy a new softer tissue was in order and we have tried just about all of them. This is why we need nice and soft tissue in our home always.

Fantastic! This is a prize I could get behind, if you know what I mean! I have to confess to having difficulty with toileting after the birth of both my girls, its just not the same down there and so soft toilet paper and that FABULOUS invention of the moist toilet tissue means I don’t have to worry so much anymore! Aaah, the joys of parenting!

I shared on facebook!

As you know we all fell victim to the dreaded gastro very recently. And while the kids stuck to the vomitous variety the grown ups had the great joy of both ends being afftected.

I buy cottonelle anyway, it’s our fave. And I was so grateful that week that I do!

So, my gastic system regularly cracks it and if I’m running to the toilet constantly, I am damn well going to have soft toilet paper. Kleenex Hypoallergenic is my loo paper of choice.

To keep my husband happy i brought kleenex and I have to say it was a wise change of brands. It makes sense really as we don’t buy sand paper for our nose so why do we do it for our bums?

Switched to Kleenex cottonelle after my first child and massive tears! No turning back since!

Tweeted, and facebooked tooo :)

Hello Lovely – I had a giggle when I read why you’d chosen this giveaway.
Ironically, I started using cottonelle after I’d had Mr 9lb 12 oz in 2004. The 3rd degree tear he gave me meant that I needed as much “comfort” as I could get…. and the ongoing “fallout” of this particular nether-regional rearrangement has meant I’ve had to continue to use it.
It is certainly kinder to a sore tush than the recycled sandpaper I was using previously…
So please count me in on this fantastic giveaway.

Our whole family loves the softer paper…. soft on the tooshie and no paper cuts :), so I’d say every day!
The Kleenex puppy is so adorable….!!

The time we all had the dreaded vomity and gastro bug…………..all 5 of us…..

What tooshie doesn’t prefer a softer and more gentle toilet paper! Even though I’m sure my children eat it as we go through so much!!

HI !!! I could tell u many toilet stories but I don’t want u all to leave this page LOL…anyway my whole body seems to be de-sensitised to everything ….if i even dare to use cheap toilet paper i get very very itchy so I buy Hypoallergenic always and it costs me a fortune so would be wonderful to win so much toilet paper…( i have to tell u something funny – my hubby thinks i have a toilet paper fetish when i go buy it i have to buy about 40 rolls at once and if i get to about 10 that is a worry and i have to duck out to buy more …would never like to run out of toilet paper!!!!) he he he- he thinks it is hilarious i am sooooooo excited by this giveaway!!!… my one bad story hope i don’t scare u all away…about 6 yrs ago i got Chryptosporidium which is a bacteria bug and u poo every few minutes or so for at least 2 weeks and somehow i caught it ….o it was terrible and sooooooooooo painful – back then i only had cheap and nasty toilet paper and for ppl who have things like this u would know how painful it is to use cheap stuff….I love Kleenex it is my FAV brand of toilet paper!!!! Thanks sooooooo much for this comp! Luv it!

Poor quality toilet paper makes me think of the kleenex ad were the ladyisin the Dr’s office and needs a tissue, goes to wipe it with a cheapy and you can hear the sandpaper tear across her nose *shudder*. Imagine that on your sensitive bits owwww

I agree with some of the above posts, I definitely required a softer toilet paper after the birth of my son! Something I never expected to ‘need’ after a baby!

Honestly?? I only NEED soft toilet paper because I love it and hate scratchy stuff! However, the year after my son was born I had the runs for an entire year. I finally realized it wasn’t normal and got tested for Celiacs. Having the right paper was critical for that year and now it’s all we use!

Awesome giveaway. Hilarious stories thanks heaps!

I also tweeted you!! @theaussiemommy

20 weeks pregnant. hadn’t been taking my metamusil.
Awful H-bomb.

Cottonelle is the best, I agree! As you know I have coeliac disease and when I get glutened… well its not pretty. Thanks goodness for Cottonelle.

and I have tweeted – great giveaway btw!!

After the birth of my son ,the body was in need of everything that is extra soft. Skin was very sensitive and i feltthe need for a gentle toilet paper.

Tweeted the giveaway on twitter.
“Win One Year’s Supply of Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper to Celebrate 5 Years of Stuff With Thing: at @StuffWithThing”

I follow you on twitter as well.

Yep, I once had a terrible case of food poisoning at a school camp back in primary school! I spent a lot of time in the loo and being a school camp, the toilet paper was generic (one ply, rough, scratchy). Nothing as good as Kleenex Cottonelle!

I can totally relate to your experience. I have IBS and we stock up on Cottonelle when it’s on special because it’s the only toilet paper that doesn’t rip my skin off after frewuent toilet visits. Sorry if TMI

Shared on FB as Chon Ky

I agree with many others about needing softer toilet paper after the birth of my son. It was recommended to me by many Mums, that gave birth in the only hospital available in our area, to take your own toilet paper. Great advice!

I am in total agreement that post-baby delivery is when I have most appreciated being treated kindly down below :) My best piece of pre-baby advice was to take flushable toilet wipes and soft toilet paper to the hospital – and I now pass on the same message to my pregnant friends.

I buy Kleenex Cottonelle all the time – but really appreciated it after giving birth. No one mentioned to me the pain in going to the toilet. Number 4 is due soon – I’ll be taking my own stash to hospital :0)

I have shared on facebook with a tag.

When growing up if we ran out of toilet paper,my dad would rip up pieces of the age newspaper an leave them at the side of the toilet.I would hate mornings when I woke up and saw that!,I also wondered how the toilet took it ( they must been tougher in those days!)

Have shared on facebook (Rae Graham)

I really needed a soft tissue after having my girls and stitches.

I’ve just tweeted.

I needed a gentler toilet paper when I ate too much of hubby’s super hot curry!

Shared on facebook.

I am sure our kids must eat toilet paper, the way we go through it, especially as recently all five of us recently had the dreaded, er, how do I say it delicately, stomach bug?

OMG I swore by those flushable wipes after having my daughter! 3rd degree tears and 2 hours of pushing left me with some nasty tearing and (eek) haemorrhoids and if it hadn’t have been for the gentler toilet paper things could have been much more painful! Oh I can still remember the sting!!

Shared on Facebook via Daisy, Roo and Two.

My lovely husband dragged me on a 600km road trip a few weeks after giving birth. I wish I had taken a stash of softer toilet paper with me because the good old public toilets in the park cheap paper was very unforgiving!!!

My hubby was diagnosed with Chrohn’s too so toilet-paper is a sensitive subject, I am sure you understand.

I have a dodgy tummy too and before I determined ice cream was the worst food for me to eat I’d need lots of toilet paper…! I had no idea there was something called flushable wipes – where have I been living??? So excited to go and get some!

we always had cheap tp growing up but ecer since having my own home and own children i choose soft over sandpaper everytime tp is one thing where soft is always best.

I’m stealing the answer – I’m a princess and need it ever day!! Love it! LOL! :)

The kiddies are always bring home nasty bugs to share with the rest of us so we always use the good stuff

Have shared on Facebook also

A roll of soft toilet paper was the first thing I packed in my hospital bag when awaiting the arrival of #2. After experiencing the cheap nasty stuff the hospital expect you to use after havign my first bub, I certainly wasn’t reliving that experience a 2nd or 3rd time for that matter!!

Shared on FB

Tweeted @hootylishous

considering Boo uses BEDDING as toilet paper, methinks he is on the lookout for something softer.


And I also use it as tissues when we have nasty flu’s, cheaper, easier and softer than most tissues.

with a small toliet training child and a then Terminally Ill Husband the bathroom was my 5 mins of sanity but also the one place i seemed to spend the most time helping people . i dont think you can surpass the cost for the quality of this Product . and the flushable wipes are a great all rounder convienace even especially after long road trips and high way pit stops .

Right there with you needing the good stuff for the pre-colonoscopy prep. Lordie but I was thankful myself for those Klennex wet toilet wipes. Love your giveaway, thanks for hosting :)

The first time ever that I went away for a romantic weekend with my boyfriend (now hubby), we went out to dinner. I got the worst case of food poisoning imaginable! We had to cancel the rest of the trip, and made at least 20 stops to use the toilets on the way home! I was admitted to hospital for two days! It was the most terrible time :(

Have tweeted (twittername queenofcomps)

Have shared on Facebook (Michelle Vamvas)

After the birth of my son – ouch! Will be needing some more really soon!

I have shared on facebook!

Luckily I can survive on the cheapest brand available (most of the time..) but when visitors come, I feel the need to provide them with some comfort – and that’s when I need the soft rolls on hand!

With toilet training in this house, I find the softer toilet paper makes things so much easier. Everyone is happy!!

With three little ones we have inevitably succumb to the dreaded gastro virus a couple of times. Definitely a time for a gentler toilet paper!

I could say due to the various intolerances and effects on our bowels, or the obsessive hypersensitive aspie who needs to make sure every last bit of fecal matter is obliterated…but the basic facts are (1) soft paper feels better (2) the toilet is my refuge and sanctuary (even if that means turning a blind eye to the possible supervisory nightmare ensuing once my back is turned, or a deafening bashing on the door)…it’s a moment of peace. Almost a whole moment. A second perhaps. Well, at least the paper is soft.

Umm….backpacking trip through Thailand and Cambodia. Street food, spicy food, cheap drinks…need I say more.

I converted to the softness of Cottonelle when I was pregnant with #’2 & 3, you are already uncomfortable & go to the loo a million times a day you definitely need some comfort!

Any time I have been pregnant I needed softer paper for my bottom! Seems that sensitivity is everywhere in pregnancy! Now with 7 people in the house we go through a LOT of toilet paper!!

Definately after having a baby. Woo was that area in need of something soft!

Have tweeted! (as @sconeonamission)

Id love to win because we get what we can afford and MissS is toilet training so with 4 of us using the toilet a years supply would come in handy!

Coming from a family of 3 girls + mum we were forever running out of toilet paper, my poor dad forever complaining about how quickly we ran out of toilet paper…As adults, all three sisters now place toilet paper above all else, almost…kind of a survival sister now works at a company selling toilet paper, the other is overseas trying her best to “share” “her” toilet paper with a flat mate…myself..I have 2 daughters and am just about to run out for the second time this week. Having a years worth of toilet paper would be a dream come true ;-)…better (almost) than a years supply of chocolate :-)

Sorry, I ramble with no direct answer LOL…I’ve needed it post surgery (twice for myself) and for 2 little ones (toilet training little bottoms)

High school toilets – just coming into my own bowel issues, no idea what was wrong, but boy did that stuff do a number on me! This was pre-toilet wet wipes too :(

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