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Sleepover – Social Story

Posted by: Marita on: May 24, 2010

Heidi went for her very first sleepover recently, with her sister Annie. The sleepover was at Aunt and Uncles place who have two boys around the same age as my girls. Aunt and Uncle live just around the corner from us which is very handy.

The girls had a fantastic night, I got a text message from my sister in law to say they were asleep at 9.30pm. We had a lovely evening out at a fundraising event for the early intervention centre Heidi attended and I was relaxed the whole time knowing my girls were in good hands :)

Here is the social story:

On Saturday night Annie and Heidi are going to sleep over at Aunty L and Uncle D’s house, sleepovers are a fun adventure.

At the sleep over Aunty L and Uncle D will make some dinner for Annie and Heidi to eat.

Sometimes at sleepovers you can watch a movie.

Sometimes at sleepovers there are snacks to eat.

Sometimes we take things to share at sleepovers, like snacks or toys or games

Sometimes at sleepovers we do other things that are fun.

At the sleep over Annie and Heidi should listen to Aunty L and Uncle D and ask them for help if needed. Aunty L and Uncle D like to help Annie and Heidi and take good care of you.

Before bedtime Annie and Heidi can brush their teeth and put on their pull ups and pajamas. If Annie and Heidi need help they can ask Aunty L or Uncle D.

At the sleep over Aunty L and Uncle D might tell Annie and Heidi it is time to be quiet and go to sleep, this means it is bed time.

Or Annie and Heidi might just fall asleep by themselves and this is okay too.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep you can tell Aunty L or Uncle D and they can help you. Aunty L and Uncle D like to help Annie and Heidi and take good care of you.

In the morning Annie and Heidi will wake up at Aunty L and Uncle D’s house,

Sometimes in the mornings after sleepovers you can have breakfast at the sleepover house.

Sometimes in the mornings after sleepovers you can get dressed into your daytime clothes.

Sometimes in the mornings after sleepovers you can keep your PJs on until Mummy and Daddy arrive.
Sometimes in the mornings after sleepovers you can play with your cousins for a long time, sometimes you play with your cousins for a short time.

Later in the morning Mummy and Daddy will come and get Annie and Heidi and bring them home again.

Sleep overs are fun.

The social story .pdf is here.

Additionally I made up this little picture list to help the girls get everything ready to take to the sleepover. Both girls were very happy to get their own little piles of belongings collected and pack them into overnight bags :) Having a picture list made it very easy for Heidi to get everything she needed and gave her a much needed feeling of control over the situation.

.pdf for the list is here.

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Hooray for sleepovers! So pleased you had a successful one, will make future events much easier I’m sure. And there’s nothing like an evening out without worry to re-charge parental batteries :-)

It was certainly a good battery recharge, first night off in 5 years :) I’m looking forward to more nights off.

Did Annie and Heidi enjoy the sleepover?

I wish that we had relatives nearby that could keep The Boy and The Girl for sleepovers occasionally. Unfortunately they all live in Canada.

Annie and Heidi had a brilliant time and have been asking for more which is so great :) Sorry your family is so far away. Perhaps good friends will be able to help out :)

I think I need to do something like this for Riley starting school. He doesn’t start until September and he’s already stressing about it. Not good for a 3 yr old to be that stressed!

Aww poor Riley, horrible to be stressed so young. :(

I made a little book for Heidi when she started school, Used a little photo album that I could just slip the printed out pages into and it worked really well to help familiarise Heidi with what was going to happen.

The most important thing I found with Heidi was to reassure her that she would come home at the end of the day, she seemed to think she’d go to school and never see us again.

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