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Secondhand Saturday – Pumpkin Pie

Posted by: Marita on: May 22, 2010

We’ve been a little crazy busy and unwell this last fortnight and I’ve been unable to hit the Op Shops, which makes me very sad.

However I’m not going to neglect Secondhand Saturday, this week I’m going to be posting a Secondhand recipe.

Pumpkin Pie is something I’d been reading about fairly often online, it seems to be a very popular American dish and back in 2007 when I was looking at doing a Christmas in July function one of my good friends online gave me this Pumpkin Pie recipe.

From May 2010

I’ve made this recipe up numerous times since 2007 when I first tried it and have found a few tips.
– Use roasted pumpkin – preferably a firmer variety such as Gray or Japanese – the roasting gives greater flavour and also reduces liquid content.

– The recipe perfectly fills 12 mini pie shells and 2 large pastry shells purchased from the Coles bakery section. The frozen Pampas shells are a little larger so the filling doesn’t go as far – but the shells are sweeter.

– The pumpkin pie filling can be frozen and used later.

– It makes DIVINE ice-cream.

– You can make this using soy milk for a dairy free version. I’ve also made my own pie shells using gluten free biscuits for a dairy and gluten free dessert.

– Many Aussies are initially hesitant to try Pumpkin Pie but after that first taste, one is never enough :)

Go on, try it, you know you want to 👿

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Mmmm I love pumpkin pie. But then again I grew up in Canada where it was a staple dessert at thanksgiving like in America.

However I don’t like the shortcrust pastry they sell at Coles, it is too much like a sweet biscuit rather than the flakey pie pastry that I grew up. So I’ve learned to make nice flaky pie crusts using just flour, lard (or Crisco shortning) and water – a recipe from my trusty old, old, very old, canadian cookbook.

I can’t wait for our pumpkin plants in our garden to start producing pumpkins.

Interesting about the pastry, I always preferred the sweet biscuit pastry over flakey pie.

Mmmm homemade pumpkin pie from homegrown pumpkin would be awesome.

I’ve tried it before – definitely yummeh.
I have 3 enormous pumpkins ready for harvesting right now. Iwas going to make soup and pumpkin feta and cashew dip but now – I might try pumpkin pie … the only problem being that I will also then EAT the pie and double the size of my butt.

We devoured all the pumpkin pie – both large and small – that I had made over the weekend. It is amazing how quickly pumpkin pie disappears in our house. Also pumpkin scones!

I like the sound of the Pumpkin, feta and cashew dip, if only Heidi wasn’t nut allergic. :(

Really? I am yetto be convinced. I think I need to try one that someone else has made first. (hint hint) 😉

If you are ever in Melbourne let me know and I shall make pumpkin pie for you :)

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