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Open Letter to My Family

Posted by: Marita on: May 25, 2010

Regarding the Laundry:

Dirty clothing can be place in two locations

1. The laundry, this is the room with the door to the backyard, I realise you don’t pay it much attention as it is simply a place to get through before you go outside but next time you are there stop and take a good look around. See that large black square thing, that is the dirty clothes basket, this is an ideal receptacle for clothing that is dirty, worn, smelly, wet and generally gross and unpleasant.

2. The bathroom, I know, I know, this is the room of torture where your hair gets pulled by the evil duo of comb and brush, you are assaulted by those evil pellets of water descending at high speed from the shower head and even upon occasion attacked by objects know as toothbrushes being inserted in your mouth. So let us be brief, into this room I will allow you to place your dirty clothing. It does not even have to be in the carefully placed red laundry basket, I will accept on the floor, in the tub, hanging on a rail or any other location you decide upon, provided it is within the bathroom.

Locations that are NOT acceptable for the leaving of dirty laundry

– in the corridor (most particularly beside the front door, if you must remove your clothing seconds after stepping inside then please relocate it to one of the two aforementioned approved locations).
– in your bedroom – on the floor, under the bed, back in the wardrobe, inside the toy box, on the bookshelf – anywhere in your bedroom is NOT appropriate for the storage of dirty clothing.
– in the kitchen (if dirty clothing continues to accumulate on my kitchen bench then this household cook will go on strike, I refuse to continue meal preparation under such unhygienic conditions.)
– on the dining table (see above re kitchen)
– in the loungeroom (it baffles me why you think our guests would like to view your dirty underwear collection.)
– anywhere else I see fit to add to this list

So in summary dear family – dirty clothing should be place upon removal either in the bathroom or the laundry. Any other location will result in clothing not being washed, this is no hardship to me as I am happy not to do the extra work and rest secure in the knowledge that my own clothing is clean and freshly laundered as I did indeed put it in the dirty laundry basket!

Love Mum

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Haha, great post, now I need to print this out and give it to each one of my children. Sure, only one can actually read, but I reckon diagrams and a classy soundtrack should get the message across to them.

My 3yo for some unknown reason has started playing “hide the undies”. He wakes up every morning with no undies on. Places I have found them so far, have included behind the toilet roll holders, under his brothers pillow and the fridge.

My girls do hide the pull ups/dry night pants, it is disturbing trying to find the stinky pee filled pull ups, although less unpleasant than washing masses of wet bedding day after day.

I was thinking of doing a little picture poster for the girls bedrooms about their dirty clothing and where to put it 😀

Hehehe. Your family sounds like a lot my fam.=)

I think laundry is something all families battle with on some level. 😀

Ha! I found Boo’s socks in the pantry the other day.

I told him to pick them up. I guess he did.

Literal little bugger.

Thankfully I’ve yet to find clothing in the pantry, or fridge. Sure it is only a matter of time though.

The one smart thing I did when my kids wre toddlers was to buy each of them a dirty clothes hamper. Such a shame I didn’t think do to the same for my husband … he used to leave dirty socks anywhere and everywhere and it drove me batty.

We used to have laundry hampers in each bedroom but the girls kept throwing the dirty clothing around and I didn’t know what was clean and what was dirty. Then as they got more furniture we ran out of room for the laundry hampers in their room.

he he he.. we have a laundry basket in every bedroom plus the laundry (which is actually just the hall way ) and still I find things in the oddest places.. glad to hear I am not alone!

ROFL. We are not alone in our battle against the dread laundry monster.

Hi, It was great meeting you on Friday. I had to come back and check your laundry post. Like everyone else it seems that laundry is becoming the bane of my existence. I should be contemplating it now but it is way too much effort. Del

Great to meet you also :)

I’m working very hard at ignoring the massive pile of clean washing sitting behind my chair waiting to be folded 😀 At least after my little meltdown the family has for the last week taken the dirty washing to the laundry baskets.

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