Entertaining one child while the other is swimming

by Marita on September 12, 2014

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A while ago I asked on facebook for ideas of how to entertain Heidi poolside while Annie swims, given Annie is swimming every other day this is become a bit of a huge thing in our lives.

I thought I would report back on how we have gone.  Colouring in has proved successful, as has building Lego sets (when I can find them on special), recreating our Lego constructions in Minecraft was also fun. Origami (pictured above) not so great, water and paper don’t mix well.


Recreating Lego Helicopter in Minecraft

Poolside Entertainment Lego and Minecraft


Now the weather is getting better Heidi and I will wander around outside and play, with occasional check ins to see how Annie is going. I enjoy the spy games much more than the metal detecting, especially as Heidi has such a vivid imagination that playing pretend games like “spies” is lots of fun (unlike the high pitched beeping of the metal detector).

Spy games

Metal Detector


Imagination games also lead to sitting down and drawing stories of the games we just played.  Like this one, an evil robber kidnapped me, Heidi used her metal detector to find where I was being held, then we all celebrated defeating the robber.

Imagination game story
Fun times had by all. :) Thank you for the fantastic suggestions. It really has helped make what was becoming a stressful time be fun and relaxing.

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We lost Heidi

by Marita on September 10, 2014

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Only briefly but it was still heart stopping scary.

We’ve been going out to the market on Sunday mornings to do our weekly shopping, it works so much better for the whole family. Being outdoors the noise doesn’t echo and there is no music playing through shop speakers, occasionally there is a performer singing or playing a guitar but outside in the open air it is less of a sensory assault.  Whilst it is crowded there is not the sensory overload of being in a building crowded by people. It just seems to work, the girls, myself, husband are all more calm and relaxed.

A couple of weeks ago we found a stall at the market selling books and of course had to stop to take a look, husband, Annie and I all got busy looking for books and when I looked up to do a head count, there was only 3 of us, not 4. No Heidi.

Two minutes of checking out the stalls around us and we found her at the flower stall, entranced by the pretty colours.  So drawn to the flowers was she that Heidi forgot to tell any of us where she was going. Sigh.

Scary two minutes, a good reminder that wandering happens faster than you realise and one of us always needs to have our eye on Heidi.

The flowers were pretty though and just what we were looking for out near our front door.

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‘opposite day’

September 6, 2014

The erudite are stupid The abnegation are vain The candor are sarcastic Dauntless are making daisy chains The amity are at war And when you look to find a friend You go to the factionless And you see yourself instead #divergent The poem and image were originally shared by Annie on her instagram account and […]

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Garden Gifts

September 1, 2014
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My lovely brother sent me some money for my birthday and I was able to use it to finally put together my dream veggie patch. We had this empty space you can see above that was usually buried under leaves from the neighbours tree, which they thoughtfully cut back recently. Suddenly this shady spot was […]

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How do you tell an Autistic child their Dad is in hospital?

August 27, 2014
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This is the question that consumed my sleep Monday night last week…. well technically early Tuesday morning. I wasn’t sure how much the children, especially Heidi would take in, sometimes she fixates on the one word and the rest of what you say is lost. Around midnight my husband got up to go to bed […]

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Everything keeps happening

August 17, 2014
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The circle of life or something like that. Everything that happens has happened before. I didn’t expect to be facing severe separation anxiety again, but here we are, some triggering issues set us on this path again. Our school counselor (a fully trained child psychologist, what a blessing that is) and I had a very […]

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Origin Energy, Your Questions Answered

August 11, 2014
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Before my visit to Origin Energy last week I asked my readers and friends if they had any questions I could ask on their behalf. Here are the questions and answers: The Little Lioness: How much are they investing in renewable sources such as wind and solar. Origin Energy are the largest energy retailer in […]

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Let’s Talk About Energy Bills

August 9, 2014
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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Origin Energy, all opinions are my own. I’m going to ramble a fair bit, this is a topic I struggle to get my head around and the vast majority of our home energy savings are driven by my husband who does this stuff at work.  Energy costs are […]

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Murderous Mama Cow Duck

August 7, 2014
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Innocent bath toys on the side of the tub, just an ordinary bathroom scene in a house with children. The bath was run after school, our third afternoon of tears, hysterical distress. A nice calming bath. She was in there for an hour. We had a bath bomb from Daiso, it dissolved to reveal a […]

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Menulog, so easy your 9 year old can order dinner!

August 4, 2014
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I received Menulog vouchers to order 3 meals to test the service. All opinions are my own. Sometimes I’m a bit tired… well more accurately, a lot of the time I’m a bit tired, sometimes I’m beyond exhausted and those are the times that cooking gets dangerous, I drop […]

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