Autism, Trains, Plans and Anxiety

by Marita on July 21, 2014

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During the school holidays I had a meeting to go to in the city, it started at 6pm. So the girls and I caught the train in to Flinders Street station together, once there we met up with their Dad who had just finished work, they went home with Dad while I went on to my meeting.


Heidi found the whole thing quite unsettling, she has been very anxious recently and this was just another change in routine to add to her stress levels.

On the way in to the city she spent her time making a paper airplane for me to fly home if I needed to send a message to her. She also devised a plan for me “get home safely”.

Autism anxiety plan

In turn I devised a plan for her. have fun with her Dad and sister, get home safely. It seemed to help, the death grip on my hand loosened slightly and she did happily leave me in the city… after double checking I had my plan and emergency message plane.


Autism Anxiery



by Marita on July 14, 2014

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I was pretty excited recently to receive a wooden watch from JORD, who make the most fabulous watches.  I’ve shared a few pictures on facebook but thought it was time to use some words to tell you how much I love this watch. :)

I’ve put my JORD Wood Watch through its paces this month, ditching my phone where ever possible and relying on the watch to keep my punctual. It has been with me while I gardened, for school pick ups, wandering through the city and during playtime with the girls. After a month of wear I’m more in love with my JORD wood watch then ever. The wood is warm and comfortable, an important consideration as I usually develop a rash on my arm when wearing metal watch bands. The clasp is metal but has so far not caused me discomfort I’m relieved to note.

One aspect of watch ownership that I had not thought about is that it reduces my reliance on my mobile phone. I don’t have to pull my phone out to check the time (and then just check my messages and suddenly lose an hour or two of my time). That is pretty awesome.


This is 100% a product that I’m willing to recommend, wood watches by JORD are manufactured with a variety of natural woods from around the world. Each product is different and they are constantly sourcing unique and sustainable product with which to hand-craft every watch.

Don’t just take my word for it though, see what Tyrone has to say about his JORD Watch:

(for those who can’t see the embedded video, click through, this is totally worth watching :D )



Would you like a JORD wood watch of your very own? If so then this is your lucky day because I’m giving away ONE JORD Ely Series Black watch (just like mine, we can totally match!).

Jord Wood Watch

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your funniest story involving a watch or need for a watch.
  • Most amusing tale, as chosen by my children and I wins.
  • There will be one winner.
  • Competition closes 6pm Monday 4th August 2014 AEST


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