Everything keeps happening

by Marita on August 17, 2014

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The circle of life or something like that. Everything that happens has happened before.

I didn’t expect to be facing severe separation anxiety again, but here we are, some triggering issues set us on this path again. Our school counselor (a fully trained child psychologist, what a blessing that is) and I had a very long chat, we’ve got sessions booked in with our private psychologist as well. Routine, worry ladders, visuals of safe places and safe things, sleepless nights, melatonin, structure, hugs, love and lots of patience. Any and all ideas to help would be most gratefully accepted.

Annie is growing up so fast, soon we need to seriously start looking at high schools, so scary. She is swimming 4 times a week, looking at swimming club next term, she wants to compete. Swimming is her obsession, she feels at one with the water, calmer, happier after a swim. I’m no longer allowed to blog or write on social media about Annie, unless she has read and approved first. This is good, it is her life, her story to tell. I’m so proud of the mature young person she is becoming and I adore the duality that is 11 years old, child and teen, best captured in this image of two books Annie was reading recently.

Anne Frank Diary

We got Heidi an early Christmas present, an apple tree, she has been asking for it all year and I thought it would be best planted now, before the hot summer months. Our veggie garden is looking amazing and we are starting to enjoy small amounts of food from it. We’ve got a dwarf lemon tree in a pot, Heidi is already planning her lemonade stand :grin:. I do love that my girls are moving away from wanting stuff and are learning instead to appreciate the beauty of gifts that keep giving, like our garden, and gifts of experiences that can enrich their lives, like travel to see family interstate.

Our Supermarket Less, plastic free (well plastic less) challenges continue. I’ve sacrificed my Sunday morning sleep in so I can get to the market each week. Going early means I miss the crowds and the stall holders still have loads of stock to choose from. I do miss that sleep in though. Between the market, the bakery and our Little Creek Beef orders we don’t need much from the supermarket. A friend has started a coffee bean delivery company so we are giving their coffee a try this month, the Il Caramello Coffee Blend sounded too good to resist.

Our energy saving challenge continues as well. I’m taking daily electricity meter readings and recording the days high and low temperatures, along with what appliances were used that day. After a week without our washing machine I’m curious to see how much more energy we use as I catch up on all the laundry.

So many challenges :) Hopefully they will combine to make our life better. I will say shopping at the outdoor market is so much more pleasant than being stuck inside the local supermarket, I walk away happy and smiling with my market trolley full of fresh produce.

A rambling post today, catching up on things I’ve talked about over the last few weeks and months. Forgive me for not being more specific, the words flutter around but they are hard to catch and write down.

I hope you are well, I hope life hold good things for you and that when sadness visits you have friends and supports to help.


Origin Energy, Your Questions Answered

by Marita on August 11, 2014

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Before my visit to Origin Energy last week I asked my readers and friends if they had any questions I could ask on their behalf.

Here are the questions and answers:

The Little Lioness: How much are they investing in renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Origin Energy are the largest energy retailer in Australia, they are a bit unique among Aussie energy retailers as they also have interests in energy exploration and generation.

Personally I think we need to encourage an increase in renewable energy, one way to do this is for more consumers to switch to Green Energy, as demand increases so will investment in these renewable energy sources.

Thanks to the team at Origin Energy for this handy graphic that breaks down Australia’s current electricity mix:

Australia Electricity Mix

The Diary of Joni & Anya: Wow, just read your post, what an achievement. Can you please ask Origin why should we pick their solar panels over other suppliers? Thanks!

This question generated a really complicated discussion and the end result was that each home varies and to talk about your specific needs it would be best to contact Origin Energy direct. Their social media channels (facebook / twitter) can usually respond within 20 minutes of you contacting them (between 7am and 9pm Monday to Friday) or check the Origin Energy website for phone / email.

Hot Tip: Their call centre is busiest on Monday and quietest on Friday, if you want to spend less time on hold, call on Friday.

Jeanette: When are bills going down to $200 a quarter lol

We all wish those days would return. Check out some of the energy saving ideas here to help reduce your bills.

Suburp: Leaving chargers plugged in (w no device) & stand by PC /TV/microwave clocks…do they impact your bill ?

Short answer, yes it does.

Long answer; If your device chargers feel hot when they are plugged in (with no device attached), then they are still using energy and adding to your bill. Newer device chargers have been designed not to use energy other than when the device is attached and charging. So that is a simple way to check those.

Stand by devices DO use power when in standby mode, however the newer the item the less power it will use. The average yearly stand by cost to Australian households is about $250.

Maid in Australia: I have a small solar power thingy on my roof (8 or 9 panels). When I first moved here, I had solar credits but never have any now. Why is that? Also if it’s sunny and you are using the electricity more – eg, doing the washing and cooking – does that mean you are using the solar and therefore getting better value for money?

If you have solar panels it is best to use all the energy during the day while the sun is out and make the best use of all that delicious environmentally friendly (and bill friendly) solar power.

Solar panels are usually interconnected and only pull as much power as the panel generating the LEAST amount of power (technical thingy, you might need to talk to your power company to work this out), so if one panel isn’t getting as much sun or doing the job properly that may be an issue. Talk to your power company :).

Origin Energy have a question for YOU: what’s that one thing that you would like to see in your energy company.

Leave a comment here or you can let Origin know directly on Facebook or Twitter or give them a ring.


Let’s Talk About Energy Bills

August 9, 2014
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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Origin Energy, all opinions are my own. I’m going to ramble a fair bit, this is a topic I struggle to get my head around and the vast majority of our home energy savings are driven by my husband who does this stuff at work.  Energy costs are […]

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Murderous Mama Cow Duck

August 7, 2014
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Innocent bath toys on the side of the tub, just an ordinary bathroom scene in a house with children. The bath was run after school, our third afternoon of tears, hysterical distress. A nice calming bath. She was in there for an hour. We had a bath bomb from Daiso, it dissolved to reveal a […]

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Menulog, so easy your 9 year old can order dinner!

August 4, 2014
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I received Menulog vouchers to order 3 meals to test the service. All opinions are my own. Sometimes I’m a bit tired… well more accurately, a lot of the time I’m a bit tired, sometimes I’m beyond exhausted and those are the times that cooking gets dangerous, I drop […]

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Let’s Talk About Cooking

July 27, 2014
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I’ve been encouraging both my girls to spend more time in the kitchen, they each have to cook one meal a week. After some spectacular failures I’ve also specified that until further notice all recipes must be chosen from the Women’s Weekly Basic Cookbook, thus teaching them a specific set of skills that will stay […]

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Autism, Trains, Plans and Anxiety

July 21, 2014
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During the school holidays I had a meeting to go to in the city, it started at 6pm. So the girls and I caught the train in to Flinders Street station together, once there we met up with their Dad who had just finished work, they went home with Dad while I went on to […]

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July 14, 2014
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I was pretty excited recently to receive a wooden watch from JORD, who make the most fabulous watches.  I’ve shared a few pictures on facebook but thought it was time to use some words to tell you how much I love this watch. I’ve put my JORD Wood Watch through its paces this month, ditching […]

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Knitting to Save the Children

June 28, 2014
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Guardian Pharmacies have for 16 years run the Guardian Angel Knitting Program and over that time their generous ‘Guardian Angels’ have given the gift of warmth to over two million people in need. This year they have again partnered with Save the Children Australia and are encouraging you to knit your way to a better world for a […]

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on Crohn’s

June 25, 2014

Tired. The world blurs. I fight to stay focused. Voices pull me back to reality. Then slide away. Pain pierces through my fog. I long to sleep. Rest. Heal. Nights are the hardest. No distraction from the pain. Daylight encases me in a bubble. I go through the motions. The blurred world slides past. Pain […]

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