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After all my worries yesterday and Heidi’s steadily climbing anxiety, we rocked up at Lucas Paediatric dentist in a bit of a mess. Heidi’s tummy hurt, she needed to go to the toilet 4 times in half an hour, the last time, just before we went in to the dentists room. Heidi locked in the toilet stall, telling me “my eyes are filling with tears” and insisting she had gastro and couldn’t possibly see the dentist.

Thankfully it turned out amazing. I’m simply going to cut and paste the entry from my facebook page:

“I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the team at Lucas Paediatric Dental Care in Bundoora. They saw Heidi today and it was amazing!

Heidi walked in crying from anxiety and she walked out smiling and laughing. Every step was explained in language she could understand, they understood and accepted her non verbal communication, it was calm, quiet and just miraculous.

Looks like Heidi wont need sedation and they are happy to take everything slowly and reassure Heidi and make sure each step is done with her understanding and consent.

Heidi happily played dentist on the drive home, (apparently Mr Creeper and Sponge Bob both need to learn how to floss) and is looking forward to her next visit to Lucas Dental :)”

The dentist spoke to Heidi and concentrated on Heidi during our visit. It wasn’t till last few minutes she addressed me and that was to apologise for not talking to me. I just wanted to hug her, because Heidi IS the patient, Heidi IS the person she should be talking to and Heidi IS the one who needs to understand and consent to what is being done to her body. As a minor, I, her parent, still have to agree also to those things being done, but it is so important that Heidi does too.

So yes, it went well :) we are all really relieved.

Heidi donned her mask and gloves and checked all our mouths with her dental mirror last night and is taking the dentists request to wait two hours between eating very seriously (Time Timer app on the ipad has been a great help).

In other news, we’ve transferred our pea, silverbeet (chard) and lettuce seedlings in to pots and they seem to be thriving. I’ve got to find a good spot for the beetroot still. I’ve pulled out one of the agapanthus plants (they are an environmental weed) in the front yard and popped onions in its spot. Hoping the companion planting of onions and roses will reduce pests as google suggested. I might put the beetroot in another agapanthus spot and see how we go. Front yard certainly gets the best sunlight for veggie growing.

We got our first delivery of “Who gives a crap” toilet paper. Toilet paper that helps builds toilets! I will report back on quality, because as fellow Crohns sufferers will know, quality toilet paper is essential.

Being stressed about the dentist yesterday had some pleasant results, we’ve now got three family meal servings of stew in the freezer, two weeks worth of curry for husbands lunch and enough ABC muffins to last the whole term.

Today is a rest at home day, so I’ve been attempting to tackled the mould in our bathroom, mowing the lawn and catching up on housework. Busy weekend ahead for us :)

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That 3am thing.

by Marita on April 15, 2014

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Tired and not well. Sleep has been elusive the last few days, the head cold turning into asthma. Desperate for sleep, of course I’m awake at 3am, stressing about all the things I need to do but simply can’t summon the energy for.

Yesterday was a big day, Heidi saw the dentist, as an aside I’m very grateful for the medicare dental plan that means we can see our private dentist who is amazing with autistic kids and not be out of pocket. Heidi was mighty apprehensive but did so very well, they managed to check her teeth and get in a basic clean. More needs to be done, it just wasn’t possible, so today we go see a paediatric dentist and talk about sedation. It’s scary. I know others have been here before, but this is our first experience of this. Ugh. Scary. Do. Not. Like.

We followed that up with some grocery shopping and two hours at the psych. The girls had individual sessions, followed by a joint session addressing some sibling issues. Fantastic progress was made, both girls were very friendly and giggly or the rest of the afternoon. I hope we can retain that, at least for most of the time, everyone has bad days, but I hope there are more good days.

Home and the wheels fell off my bus, exhaustion from not sleeping. We all went outside and tackled some much needed pruning. It didn’t really help my asthma, but it did help me feel calmer, physical exercise is good like that.

When I write it down I see we got a lot done yesterday and yet here I am up since 3am with my brain on a loop of all the things I’ve been neglecting. My Operation Move Project commitment for the week fell by the wayside, the housework, the garden, the budget, Annie’s birthday is in two short weeks and we’ve done NOTHING and importantly I need to get more sleep and why am I awake at 3am, when I should be sleeping but I can’t sleep because I must get things done and here is the list of all the things I must do, including sleep, but I can’t sleep…interspersed with a lot of coughing, a sore throat, cups of tea and then trips to the toilet because of the cups of tea.

All of a sudden it is almost 6am and really I should get some sleep.

I don’t do sick well.

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School Holidays of Epicness

April 13, 2014
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What a wonderful school holidays we are having, a mixture of fun, not so fun (but important) and relaxing. There has been lots of game playing with the awesome new card game Dobble. I love this game so much, not turn taking, so my girls can focus on being good winners and good losers. We […]

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Mother’s Day, you must BUY BUY BUY! Go quickly get ALL TEH THINGS!!!!

April 9, 2014
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Ah the consumer frenzy, days after Christmas we have hot cross buns and Valentine’s Day products hitting the shelves. Now here we are with Easter only 10 days away and my inbox is being flooded with all the things people should be buying for Mother’s Day. Hot tip, unless mum specifically asks for it she […]

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Autumn, I think you are the reason I give up on gardening

April 8, 2014
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I’m really trying to make an effort with the garden this year. We’ve been building up the soil with compost for 4 years now and I’m hopeful this year my vegetable seedlings might thrive. However I am reminded why I tend to give up on the garden in Autumn. Our neighbours trees shed leaves over […]

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Autism Awareness Day at Sovereign Hill

April 7, 2014
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What a fabulous fabulous day we had at Sovereign Hill, they really did go all out to make sure that families with children on the autism spectrum could feel welcomed and enjoy their visit.  There is a great selection of social stories on the Sovereign Hill website to help prepare you for what to expect. […]

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Can you please leave me alone until I get a computer coffee…

April 4, 2014
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The Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands are a great free place to take the kids for hours of outdoor fun, with the added bonus they generally exhaust themselves and sleep well that night. One aspect of the parklands that my girls found utterly fascinating was what Heidi calls the “hallucination pathway” and Annie “the sci-fi pathway”. […]

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A Child’s Eye View aka reasons I give my kids a camera

April 2, 2014
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During our recent trip up to the Gold Coast, Annie and Heidi both took their cameras as well as using mine, I do love seeing things from their perspective and photos really help. Here is a selection of some of my favourite pictures.         Oh hey it is World Autism Awareness Day […]

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Celebrate Autism Month with our Photo A Day Challenge

March 27, 2014
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I’m really excited about this challenge from myself and the team at Autism: In Our Own Words. To celebrate acceptance and understanding during April (Autism month), we would like as many people as possible to share their pictures on social media using the daily prompts and tag them #AutismADay. Your children are encouraged to join […]

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So, How You Doing?

March 25, 2014
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The diary thing really has fallen to pieces, both the girls ones for school and mine here. On Saturday the girls went out with their Dad and Aunt to Coochiemudlo Island, they sadly got severely sunburnt Thankfully I was able to find a chemist that was open late and get Voltaren gel and panadol to […]

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